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Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Job Description

We are seeking someone who has experience as a receptionist. Must be professional, well-groomed, and have a positive, outgoing attitude. This person will work along side others, answering the phone, making appointments, helping run our therapy sessions and will also need to help with light housekeeping. Must be willing to learn about and understand our business. Must be health minded and an enthusiast for holistic and non-medical practices. We are a small business, but growing rapidly. There is a potential for more hours and bigger responsibility along the way. This job will give approximately 15 hours/week in the beginning. Applicant needs to be willing to work on Saturdays on occasion. Please send a resume with three references to info@saltremedy.net

Skills Required

Computer, dealing with people, phone etiquette, able to multitask, works well with others, personable, friendly, outgoing, excellent decision making, able to clean and manage therapy sessions. Knowledge in social media marketing and networking is a plus.


TBD @ interview

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Employer: Salt Remedy

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