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Medical Assistant/Esthetician

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

Job Description

1. Assess physician’s schedule the day in order to prepare for the next day’s treatments. Ensure all aesthetic and therapeutic medications are in stock to avoid rescheduling treatments. Also, call Smartlipo, NeoGraft and CO2 patients the day before to ensure they have their medications and see if they have any questions relating to the procedure.
2. Maintain physician’s schedule throughout the day to prevent delays in patient intake and discharge.
3. Prepare and maintain exam rooms in an efficient and timely manner.
4. Ensure all patient informed consents are signed and pictures have been taken prior to rooming patient.
5. Administer topical numbing cream to the patient’s treatment areas before physician enters room for Botox and filler treatments.
6. Engage in conversation with patient regarding skin regimen, makeup and various treatments available. Take the initiative to upsell services and educate the patients.
7. Maintain professional relationship with patient at all times. Never disclose your personal contact information with patients and maintain professional boundaries at all times. Never engage in personal discussions about former or current employees/ patients. This is considered immediate grounds for termination.
8. Assist physician with procedures and treatments.
9. Take post procedure photos and prepare picture for patient and file in chart.
10. Escort patient to check out and make sure receptionist schedules follow up appointments; if receptionist is preoccupied with another patient, offer to check patient out in sales office and schedule their follow up appointment as well.
11. Offer patient a makeup correction after treatments if needed. This is a great way to upsell our makeup line and products.
12. Be informed on pricing of all services and products.
13. Display confidence and professionalism at all times when dealing with patients.
14. Assist nursing personnel (i.e. tracking labs, charts etc.)
15. In physician’s absence, relay any patient concerns directly to Nurse to handle.
16. Assess medication and supply inventory weekly (Botox, Sclerotherapy, Hcg, B12, Lidocaine, topical numbing BLT cream etc.) Inform Nurse so she can order medications and other medical supplies.
17. Organize and maintain medical supplies and medication cabinets
18. Occasionally cover for front desk reception as deemed necessary. Adhere to front desk opening and closing protocols.
19. Obtain and document vitals on patients (i.e. weight, BP, Pulse, temp, O2 saturations)
20. Prepare pre-op and treatment packets for Smartlipo, Co2 and NeoGraft. Make sure necessary forms required for these packets are properly stocked.
21. Complete contact logs in a timely manner. Each employee is required to complete 15 calls daily in order to maintain relationship with patients and increase sales goals.
22. Maintain shift cleaning schedule.
23. File medical records in appropriate charts.
24. Complete special projects as assigned.
25. Attend appropriate meetings and events.
26. Every staff member is expected to assist with keeping the break room clean. A daily rotation schedule will be maintained in the break room each employee’s designated cleaning days.
27. Assist with ad hoc duties as assigned.

Skills Required

Ability to take vitals (BP, Pulse, Temp, O2 saturations and weight), call in medication to pharmacy. Phlebotomy experience required. Basic computer knowledge and excellent written/verbal communication skills required. Non-smoker. Experience with Medical Aesthetics essential.



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Employer: Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center

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