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High School Sports Journalists, Team/Game Reporters, Statisticians - Woodlands Online Sports

Updated: Oct 03, 2018

Job Description

Woodands Online Sports is excited to be live HD broadcasting and producing video highlights of Woodforest football games again this year! We strive to produce and present the best local high school sports team coverage in the area.

We are hiring area sports content producers that want to showcase our high school programs, teams and players. Sports journalists, writers and game reporters. Photographers. Game Statisticians. 

It's going to a great year with new coaches, new kids, new districts with nearby teams. We want to cover as many Woodlands/Spring/Conroe area teams as we can. Some positions require late night hours working after the games.

Please specify the team(s) and position(s) that most interest you.


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Woodlands Online

8111 Ashlane Way Suite 106

The Woodlands,  TX  77382

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Employer: Woodlands Online

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