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Inside Sales Representative, Proprietary Administrative Products to Hospitals Nationally

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Job Description

Inside Sales Representative, proprietary administrative products to hospitals nationally

About our opportunity:
Our office is located in the Woodlands/Magnolia Area. We are adding to our team and seeking a person with sales experience to grow identified client base, add to our customer base, close sales and to follow up sales with additional products. To be successful, sales rep must meet goals of contacts and quotes.

Daily tasks will include client research, creating quotes utilizing Excel, communicate with clients via a Gmail Drive, tracking clients’ projects with other departments, closing sales and receiving purchase orders and continual phone contact gathering information about customers’ purchasing authorities. Primary contacts are Nurse Managers in Hospitals and other Medical Facilities. Compensation includes base salary, commission on sales, bonus based on group goals with first year compensation $40-50K, increasing yearly due to long term sales cycle on commissions.

Skills Required

Skills we believe the successful person will bring:
• General Business Experience i.e., understanding of quotes, purchase orders, information mining and departmental selling
• Strong ability in business email documents, grammar, format and spelling
• Strong Excel proficiency (purchase order creation)
• Total self-driven to meet goals independently, no micro-management
• Ability to spend hours per day conversing on the telephone and following up with emails
• Commitment to work a minimum of 40 hours per week and flexible to attend occasional conferences to meet and greet clients and prospects


$40-50K, +increasing yearly commissions

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