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From bikes to bites, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands offers summer safety tips

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Summer is in full swing, with families enjoying all types of summer fun, including swimming, biking, camping and outdoor sports. While the focus should be on having a great time, it’s equally important for both parents and children to remember the potential dangers that come with many summertime activities.

Alfred “Dr. Freddy” Martinez, M.D., medical director of pediatric emergency services at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, shared some tips to help ensure a safe and fun summer.


One blistering sunburn as a kid can double the chance of developing melanoma (skin cancer). Do your best to avoid sunburns by:

Keep the time

Follow the "teaspoon rule"

Look for shade

Learn more sun and heat safety tips.


Know the signs and symptoms of secondary drowning:

If a child is missing, check the water first.

Learn more water safety tips.

Stings and bites

Logging more outdoor time can increase your chances of encountering insects that sting and bite. To keep them at bay, remember:

Read more about how to prevent stings and bumps.

Heat and Dehydration

Houston heat is no joke. In humid and hot regions like ours, water loss and dehydration can occur extremely rapidly. Keep your kids cool with these tips:

Bike Safety

More than 400,000 kids get hurt every year riding bikes, scooters, skateboards and skates or rollerblades, according to a report last year by Safe Kids Worldwide. While parents can’t prevent every scrape and bruise, children can be protected from serious injuries by following these tips:

Wear a helmet

Buy a bike that is the right size, not one your child has to "grow into." Oversized bikes are especially dangerous.

Dr. Freddy and his team of pediatric specialists in the pediatric emergency room see patients 24/7 at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. Find more information on pediatric services here, or call (713) 897-5959.


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