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What are the membership policies on Woodlands Online?
Woodlands Online Membership Policies

The following are the rules and policies for using Membership on Woodlands Online:

    » Members are required to provide a valid and complete physical address (home/work) including apartment or suite number, phone number and first/last name.

    »Using another person's address to register is prohibited.

    »Using another member's account to post under when they are out of the area is prohibited. Doing so may result in deletion of the ad and removal of self-publishing privileges.

    » Providing false information on a membership account is prohibited.

    » Woodlands Online strives to protect and secure member’s account at all times. Your information is not ever given out to other members or sold to any business entity for any reason.

    »Profanity usage is not permitted in the Screen Name.

    »  If you move out of WOL’s boundaries and continue to use Self Publishing for Classifieds, you will have these rights revoked.

    » Members who reside out of the service area for Woodlands Online will not be provided self publishing in areas that are only for those who work or live in The Woodlands service area

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