New UIL 2022-2024 Texas Alignments

By: Woodlands Online Sports | Published 12/09/2021


AUSTIN, TX - Discussions of a 7A class have been postponed and new 2022-2024 Alignments have been released by the UIL. Montgomery County and surrounding areas have been booming these past couple of years and 2 new schools have reached the 6A level. Caney Creek and New Caney are to become the newest schools in the highest classification in the UIL Alignment. Next alignment the UIL will need to discuss the possibility of a 7A class due to the amount of massive schools areound the country. There are 3 more schools close to the 6A alignment just in the Montgomery County area.

Reclassification and Realignment
2022-2023 & 2023-2024

Conference – 6A
Enrollment – 2225 and above
Number of Schools - 249

Class 6A - Enrollment – 2225 and above

Caney Creek - 2342.5
Conroe - 4725.5
College Park - 3259.5
Grand Oaks - 3334.5
New Caney - 2271
Oak Ridge - 2614
The Woodlands - 4399.5
Willis - 2511

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