Getting Hacked by Accident

By: Your Business Solutions | Published 01/05/2022

Getting Hacked - Ways to protect your Business

Did you know that simply copying and pasting can allow you to be hacked?
It is common for skilled developers and novices alike to copy common commands from web pages and paste them into their applications. Beware, you could ultimately be pasting something exceedingly different than what you intended. Circumstantially the JavaScript is being replaced in the clipboard data with malicious test code. It only takes this single line of code to create a backdoor permitting hacker access. There are many reasons why you should never blindly trust what you copy from a web page, for example, hidden commands in the HTML that are invisible to the human eye.
PRO-TIP: Paste the code into a text editor or notepad first, see if there is any hidden code before you use it.
Educating your staff is an essential step to secure your company data and avoid getting hacked.
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