Looking Forward to 2022


We want to offer our sincere gratitude to our donors, volunteers, and supporters who have contributed to the continued success of our mission despite these strange and uncertain times. While the pandemic has forced many things to be put on pause, that was never an option for supporting the emotional and mental health of the youth and families in our community. 
We hope 2022 brings us closer to a return to “normal”! We anticipate being able to welcome volunteers more regularly into the shelter, gather in person for fundraising events, and of course, serve our community through our shelter, counseling centers, and support programs.

January is Human Trafficking
Prevention Month
It's an uncomfortable subject to discuss, but a reality we need to face head-on, especially where children are concerned. At YES to YOUTH our counselors and staff have participated in training on how to prevent human trafficking and how to best serve those vulnerable children affected, some who end up at our shelter.

If you're interesting in learning more about human trafficking and some ways you can help fight it, here's a helpful resource to get started.

Adopt-a-Family Program

We identified 41 families within our counseling offices who were unable to buy presents for their families this year. We're so happy that our community came to the rescue in a big way! Companies, families, organizations, neighborhoods, and individuals purchased gifts from each "need" and "want" list, and also provided gift wrapping paper and ribbons. Thank you so much to those who participated!

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