Is This Your Situation: Trying To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal?

By: TEAMSINISI Real Estate Group | Published 01/25/2022


When you've lived in a property for years, you seldom think about how it looks to outsiders. After all, you know your home from the inside out, and when you have concerns about it, they're often about something invisible or out of sight, whether it's the plumbing in the bathroom or the storage space in the attic. But when you're selling the house, the most important thing is the exterior. That's what will give a potential buyer a first impression that will shape the rest of the tour. So how do you make sure your house wows buyers from the first glance?

Rent a power washer. They're not just incredibly fun; they're also useful. If you have a front deck or stoop, wash the moss and grime off it to make it glow. Then turn your attention to the front walk and driveway. If your roof is nearing its warranty, try power-washing it before you decide whether it needs to be replaced. (Check the instructions, however. Some materials don't respond well to power washing, or they at least require a lower setting.)

Touch up your lawn and garden. Real estate agents often suggest that you cut your hedges short in order to provide the most dramatic possible first impression. But if cutting the hedges leaves your lawn visible, make sure to plant some grass seed in any bald spots and mow neatly before a tour. Consider adding some low-maintenance planters or window boxes that will look bright and cheery even if you're too busy with the home-selling process to weed.

Paint or replace siding. It's an ambitious project, but it's bound to make your home look newer, sturdier and possibly homier. If you have old siding, now's your chance to upgrade from aluminum to the fiber-cement mixture that's more in vogue today.

Improving curb appeal is a huge part of closing a real estate deal, and our agents are brimming with advice on the best way to go about it. If you want to know more, give us a call today.


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