Modern Mediterranean Design Ideas

By: TEAMSINISI Real Estate Group | Published 02/08/2022


Mediterranean style has captivated and delighted designers and homeowners for years. Whether you want to create a sprawling Roman villa or incorporate Greek pottery into your aesthetic, here are a few ways you can use modern Mediterranean design elements in your home.


The majestic archway is a hallmark of Mediterranean design. Whether for a small, decorative nook or the surround for a grand entrance, embrace archways. If your home doesn't have archways built in, you can create arches in doorways with a bit of drywall and perseverance. They give your home a rich Mediterranean look without breaking the budget.


Mediterranean villas often have textured plaster effects on their walls. Tuscan or Roman plaster styles give a rich depth to wall colors and are surprisingly easy to accomplish. There are plenty of faux texture kits that give you the ability to paddle on some plaster and paint to provide you with the look you want to achieve.

Terra cotta

You have to think of terra cotta when you imagine the perfect Mediterranean villa. Whether it's in the grooved roof tiles, the smooth floor tiles or the pots dotting a courtyard, terra cotta is essential for the Mediterranean home. The best part about these materials is that they can be easily updated and incorporated with other elements for a modern look.

Blue accents

In Greek homes, the traditional color scheme is white plaster walls with pale blue roofs. Blue, the color of the sea itself, is the perfect accent and goes well with the reds and oranges also present in Mediterranean design. Incorporate blue fabric, tiles or paint.


When we think about Greece and Italy, we often think about the artifacts in museums. Try adding a neoclassical sculpture to your home as a design statement. Moroccan and Spanish tiles are also an excellent accent for your room decor. Mix these with modern fabrics and metals for an updated look.

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