The Meta What?

By: Lighthouse Technologies | Published 04/04/2022

These days, there's a lot of talk about the so-called "Metaverse".

Basically, "Metaverse" is catch-all term for any virtual reality space.  
That's it really... it's any online space that aims to mimic you going out into the real-world, but without you actually physically going anywhere.

Why use a metaverse as opposed to just looking at a computer screen? Because it's more immersive.  It's a much more fully interactive experience. People go into "metaverses" to work, shop, attend conferences, play games, have workout sessions, and more.

One thing we know will be the truth about the Metaverse... whether it becomes the next best thing, or just a passing fad, is that when accessing online worlds, you need a couple of things:
1. A comfortable physical space.
2. A fast and reliable Internet connection.
Whether you are:
 - watching movies in a home theater
 - playing games in a game room
 - looking up recipes in your kitchen
 - having a Zoom meeting with your family or your work from your office space
Everything you do in the online world (metaverse or not) requires a fast and reliable Internet connection, from wherever you're accessing the Internet.
If you have:
  • "Dead" spots in your home or on your property where the Internet doesn't seem to work as well... we can help with that.
  • Randomly slow Internet sometimes... we can help troubleshoot and create solutions specific to why that's happening.
In summary, whether you're connecting to the Metaverse, have questions about it, or want a way to do something more real-world (looking at security cameras while they keep track of your real-world life, for example), we're here to help!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding your home or business automation technology.
Thank you for the opportunity to be your trusted technology partner.

Brian Kraft
Lighthouse Technologies
If you want a deeper dive on the Metaverse, below are just a couple of articles with brief reading the topic:

CNet explains well that the Metaverse isn't somewhere you go per se, but should be thought of more as a metaphor:

NYPost talks in-depth about one particular Metaverse designed by an architecture firm called "Liberland" which plans to have almost no rules
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