Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse in The Woodlands on Sunday, May 15th

Published 05/14/2022


This Sunday, May 15th, the Super Flower Blood Moon will be visible in the night sky in The Woodlands where it will enter a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Starting at 9:32pm CST the moon will begin entering into a partial eclipse. About an hour into the eclipse, starting at 10:39 pm CST, the moon will begin turning red as it becomes a 'blood moon', and entering the total eclipse phase.

The total eclipse will last roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes, and will hit its peak at 11:11pm CST. The visibility in The Woodlands is expected to be perfect for viewing with clear skies in the forecast.

If there is some unexpected cloud cover, NASA will be livestreaming the eclipse starting at 10:00pm, where they will include a dicussion on eclipses and other fun moon science topics during the event. The livestream will be available on the NASA Youtube Channel.

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