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By: Haley Garcia Group | Published 08/03/2022


Mid-Summer Greetings! 

As we all navigate the summer heat and attempt to escape whether it's to travel to a cooler region, staying indoors or in the pool (completely submerged), I hope this finds everyone enjoying July! Our summer at the Garcia Group has been spent helping clients move, refining our systems to be ready for the fall market which is right around the corner and a revamp of our marketing to become more data driven with content of value and interest. You will find a new '' Ask Haley" column launching in the different community magazines so please submit anything you'd like to ask! We will start to chat about all things real estate related and life! We also have several new video series coming soon in the fall on You Tube to help prep for buying and selling and anything else I find interesting that will be thrown in for some fun! Sending you warm summer wishes as we rally the kids back to school and start to head towards our normal schedules again. May you find joy in these last few weeks of flexibility! 



Market Update

Woodlands Market Report

What's really happening in The Woodlands Real Estate Market?If you read or watch the news, the real estate market everywhere is in turmoil! Real estate markets are in fact, hyper-local. In Houston and The Woodlands, the sky is not falling, however, the real estate market is adjusting to the times. Here's what our COMPASS Pros report, and what the data shows happening now, and what we expect will happen this summer:Low inventory has The Woodlands leaning into a Strong Sellers Market. However, inventory is growing. When buyers have more selection, their offers are less aggressive.While buyer demand remains strong, rising mortgage rates are cooling activity from white-hot to hot.Listings priced appropriately, expertly merchandised, and professionally marketed may attract multiple offers and sell quickly. However, buyer-frenzy is over. Mis-priced, poorly marketed, and weakly merchandised properties languish, require price reductions, and attract unattractive offers. Average List Price To Sold Price Percentages will normalize at or below 100%. This percentage has been running at 102% year to date. Six Months Of Inventory is considered a balanced market. With under two Months Supply Of Inventory and strong buyer demand, we expect stable prices, less dramatic appreciation, and steady sales activity. As inventory grows competition between sellers grows too. To compete, sellers will agree to more concessions; seller-paid title policy, home service contacts, repair requests, buyer closing costs, and mortgage rate buy-downs. We are also seeing new homebuilders pivot, offering generous buyer concessions and financing incentives. Buyers waiving Option Periods, Inspections, and appraisals are now uncommon in this normalizing market. In conclusion, we remain in a Strong Seller’s Market. For buyers, selection, and terms to purchase is improving. We expect an active and steady summer market.If you have questions about what's happening in your neighborhood, please reach out. 

Whether selling or buying, to maximize your success in this complex and competitive market, contact Garcia Real Estate Group.

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Health & Happiness

Do I struggle with sharing my true feelings? 

Do you ever find yourself having a fear of displeasing or offending anyone, so you just stay quiet and don't share your true thoughts or feelings? When we have this fear, we decide the best solution is to stay quiet. Although this has its repercussions as well. The challenge of staying quiet is that in complex conversations it can give the illusion of consensus. It also gives the illusion that we live in a world that has no disagreement and that offends no one. Which we know is not true. Disagreement and negotiation are part of being human. We are meant to challenge one another as that is how we grow and learn new perspectives. This growth also does not mean that we must agree with the new information we are learning. To be human is to experience offence, disagreement and to feel conflict. It is however necessary in a normal functioning society to remember that when sharing our opinions or feelings that we want to deliver them with respect and kindness. Being direct and openly sharing is not an excuse for rudeness, lack of consideration or disrespect. Sharing our perspective can be quite the gift to ourselves and others when it is shared from a place of grounded kindness in a growth mindset. Some may say that we have overcorrected which has created this collective silencing, then people speak out and it's seen as abnormal behavior. Consider how to find a balance of sharing your feelings, your perspective and being curious of others without judgement. The lack of judgement implies that you are solid in your own belief system and have the ability to listen to another's perspective without feeling shaken therefore allowing you to truly connect from different places which allows immense growth for both. Discover and use your voice and understand that everyone may not agree and that is ok. Sometimes within the disagreement is our most expansive opportunity for growth if we allow it to be. Begin to discover and use your voice more, with kindness and with respect and then get curious as to what the other person may think or feel when they hear your opinion and always seek to hear theirs in return. Always remember to never take things personally as they are not...unless we make them. This new practice can be used in our workplace, at home with partners, with friends and even strangers. Here's to sharing and remaining curious. 





Garcia Group won #17 out of 130,000 agents by Real Trends America's Best Real Estate Professionals List!


Lifestyle Tips & Tricks


Should You Renovate Your Home 

Before Putting It on the Market? 

There's a big difference between renovating a home and updating it. The former involves a more dramatic execution -knocking down walls or retiling an entire bathroom. Updating is making cosmetic changes such as painting a kitchen or replacing a light fixture. Renovating is, obviously, much more expensive and time-consuming than updating, and that's why many sellers resist it when they're listing their home. But before making any major renovations, ask your real-estate pro if the money you plan to spend can be recouped in the selling price

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Magazine


How to Heat Up the Kitchen 

Lacanche combines tradition and modernity to allow chefs and cooking enthusiasts to express their talents. This vocation in the service of the culinary art finds its roots in the history of the brand and the land where it was built, in the heart of a region of France where gastronomy holds an essential place. She also finds her inspiration by preserving the principles and values that have built her reputation; simplicity, authenticity, respect for materials, people and time. 

A Lacanche stove is timeless. It is built to last. While certain innovations and improvements are regularly developed and adopted, Lacanche, on the other hand, finds no meaning in planned obsolescence. 

Each Piano Gastronome is made individually, to order, from a wide variety of models , options and finishes . Its owner has defined all its characteristics. 

Courtesy of Lacanche


Good Reads

In Lighter, 

Yung Pueblo demonstrates how we can all move forward in our healing, from learning self-compassion to letting go to becoming emotionally mature. As the heaviness falls away, our minds will finally stop feeling overburdened with tension and we’ll be able to reconnect with the present. And the world around us will hopefully become more inviting in crisp and newly vibrant ways. But these are just the first steps. As we grow stronger and expand our self-awareness, it’s our responsibility—and also part of the healing journey—to take actions to support the health and harmony of all people. The final section of Lighter shows how we can and must contribute to building a world that is no longer structurally harmful but, instead, structurally compassionate. Y

ung Pueblo’s hope is that as more of us heal, our actions will become more intentional, our decisions will become more compassionate, our thinking will become clearer, and the future will become brighter.

Source: Amazon


Featured Listing

Carlton Woods, Woodforest, Founders Reserve & Lake Conroe

Carlton Woods - $1.65-1.75M 

Woodforest - $350-$375k 

Founders Reserve - $485-$500k 

Houston (Washington Area) $1.1-$1.2M 

Lake Conroe -Coming Soon!

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