Co-Parenting After Divorce Doesn't Have To Be Exasperating

By: Vernier & Associates, PLLC | Published 09/19/2022


A common challenge following the dissolution of a marriage involving young children is navigating the co-parenting journey. This can be challenging even in relationships that start out relatively amicable following divorce. Here are some tips for making the co-parenting journey a positive one in Texas.

For starters, it is important that individuals respect the other parent following divorce. This is critical even if the other party is not exactly being responsible and respectful. Setting aside differences will help to avoid a blame game, which can damage the co-parenting relationship.

In addition, it is wise to remain as cordial with the other party as possible when the children are around. This includes during situations such as dropping off the children, picking them up or attending their sport activities. Being diplomatic with the other parent will help to eliminate unnecessary stress for the children during an already challenging life transition for them. In addition, both parties will likely have to interact with each other at a future wedding or other major life event, so it only makes sense for them to try to be considerate of each other.

Parents who are going through divorce may be able to start their co-parenting journey off strong by trying to resolve issues like child custody outside of court rather than at divorce trial. During negotiation or mediation, for example, they can work together to create a parenting agreement that satisfies both parties and meets their children’s needs both short term and long term. An attorney in Texas can guide a divorcing spouse through this process with the goal of achieving a just and comprehensive settlement with the other spouse.

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