HS Volleyball: District 13-6A | Week 9 Rankings

By: Woodlands Online Sports | Published 09/26/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Going into Week 9, here are the 13-6A district volleyball rankings.

No. 1 – The Woodlands
After a sweep against Willis, The Woodlands holds an 8-0 record with a 29-8 overall ranking.

No. 2 – Grand Oaks
Only taking a loss from The Woodlands, Grand Oaks holds a 7-1 record with a 28-9 overall ranking.

No. 3 – Conroe
After a huge 32-0 run in pre-district, Conroe holds 3rd place with a 6-2 record with a 37-2 overall ranking.

No. 4 – Willis
Winning their last game against Oak Ridge, Willis holds a 5-3 record in district with a 24-13 overall ranking.

No. 5 – College Park
Last year’s district champions, College Park has been struggling a little bit this season, with a 4-4 district record and a 17-6 overall.

No. 6 – Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge has also been struggling this season, only taking wins from the 3 district new comers. They hold a record of 3-5 with an overall record of 20-14

No. 7 – Caney Creek
New to the district Caney Creek has only managed to win 1 game against Cleveland. They hold a record of 1-6 with an overall ranking of 8-21. (Pending scores from previous match)

No. 8 – New Caney
Also new to the district, New Caney has been introduced to the power houses and looks at this as a learning experience always being encouraging even during the losses. They hold a record of 1-6 and overall, of 5-21. (Pending scores from previous match)

No. 9 – Cleveland
New to the district, Cleveland has struggled this season and looks to find a win in their upcoming matches. They hold a record of 0-8 with an overall record of 7-18.

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