Winter Vacation - 12 Surprising Ideas

By: Fox Travel | Published 11/09/2022


Many people choose not to travel during the Winter months unless it is to visit family for the Holidays, but there are so many winter vacation destinations to see. In this blog, I will be sharing with you some of our most favorite and our most popular winter vacation destinations, both warmer and cooler temperatures to see if maybe traveling during our cooler months inspires you, like it inspires Fox Travel.

Winter Vacation – 12 Surprising Ideas

Montana, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park
Jackson Hole, Wyoming is already an extremely popular ski and snowboarding destination during the winter months. So it is no surprise that it made our list! But what you may not have known is that there are many tour companies that will do winter tours throughout Wyoming or Montana and into Yellowstone National Park too! These tours are fun because you will get to see a side of Yellowstone that not many get to see. Some of our favorite tour companies like Tauck and Adventures by Disney do winter tours in these areas! Dress warmly though, it is a bit chilly.

Grand Canyon
Speaking of visiting National Parks during the winter, we’ve had a lot of interest in going to the Grand Canyon for the 2018 – 2019 winter. With the South Rim above 7000 feet, there will most likely be snow. If you’d prefer to hike some of the lower areas, expect cooler temperatures, perfect for hiking. You can also do the historic train ride up to the Southern Rim and experience the beautiful snow-covered scenery within the comfort of a temperature controlled train car while sipping on a hot beverage.

If you’d like to warm up, Australia is a fantastic place to travel. Either with a guided tour or on your own there is so much to do in this beautiful country. Because it is their summer, our winter is the perfect time to travel there to escape the chilly weather and warm up. Lounge on the beautiful beaches, scuba dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, hang out in Sydney or explore the Outback. Either way, there will be no need to pack heavy jackets on this amazing trip.

New York City
Everyone knows that visiting New York City in the winter is a must on your travel list. When you think of Christmas in the US, the colorful store windows, the Rockafeller Christmas tree, ice skating in Central Park, or doing some Holiday shopping at some of the most famous stores in the world come to mind. While cold, the bright lights and the city dressed in their Holiday best really does bring a magical feel to this popular destination. If you’ve been to New York City during the summer, going during the winter has a completely different feel.

Theme Parks
While some of the busiest times of year to visit Disneyland, Disney World, or Universal Studios Hollywood or Florida are around the Holidays, you can skip the crowds for the most part by traveling at the beginning or end of the winter months. For instance, mid-January through March 1 is a great time to go if you want cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. Because Disney World and Universal are in Florida, it still won’t be too cold, and Los Angeles in the winter can sometimes have 75 degree days, this time of year makes for a great time to visit your favorite theme park.

Northern Lights Tours
Going back to some chilly temps, winter is a great time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden in Europe and Canada for North America. Travel to these true winter wonderlands for snow, and a spectacular light show that no matter how many holiday lights you put up, just won’t compare to what nature has in store for you!

Southern States Tours
Winter is a great time to travel to our Southern States. There are many great tours that are still visiting these locations and with the cooler, but not necessarily cold temperatures it makes for great sightseeing. Visiting locations like Savannah, Atlanta, the Carolina’s, Florida, and San Antonio during a non-peak season means fewer tourists and more locals. Plus if you visit in December and into early January you will get to see the city all lit up in it’s Holiday finest.

New Zealand
Even though it is their summer, New Zealand is not known for its warm temps. With their average summer temps getting only as high as the high 60’s it’s not necessarily a destination to visit if you are wanting warm weather, but it is a popular destination during our winter months. Tour it’s natural, untamed beauty at this stunning location. You will not regret it one bit.

Caribbean and Mexico
Of course, we mentioned the Caribbean and Mexico. It is only the most popular destinations for Texans during the winter months. Warm weather, warm blue waters, plenty of sun and no hurricanes, it’s no wonder why the winter months are the best time to travel to these already popular destinations. Don’t forget to check out our blogs on all the new Overwater Bungalows in Mexico and the Caribbean for some adult only travel inspiration.

Yes, back to the cold. Canada has some of the best areas nearby to do some fun and unique winter activities. Sure you can always check out some of their local mountain ranges for some skiing and snowboarding, but did you know there is so much more to a Canada winter vacation than just that? How about staying in a true Ice Hotel located just north of Quebec City? You can also take tours in Manitoba to visit the Polar Bears, although those generally only run through November, as later in winter it can get too stormy to go. You can also take in a Hockey game in the birthplace of Hockey and visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

South America
South America is a great destination to visit, especially as you go South of the Equator because it is their summer! So places like Brazil, Chile, and Argentina make for great destinations during our winter months. Travel by boat or land, with a guided tour or on your own these are some destinations that don’t get a lot of attention but are definitely worth checking out.

East Coast
One of the more surprising destinations people have been calling in about for a winter vacation is visiting the East Coast for tours to Washington DC, Gettysburg, and Williamsburg with Yankee Holidays. This tour company puts on an amazing itinerary with lots of interesting facts on these historical destinations. A lot of our customers are also tacking on some time in Boston. Seeing these locations in their winter best is something to see.

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