Design Tip: How to Refresh Your Fireplace Decor


There's no interior design item quite like a fireplace to turn a house into a home. For millennia, loved ones have gathered around fires to share meals, tell stories and bond with each other. If you've got a fireplace, you know it's an integral part of your living room's design.

Is your fireplace decor looking a bit neglected? Has it been a good few years since you gave it some TLC? Read our 3 tips on how you can refresh your home's fireplace decor easily.

1. Create an accent wall
A sure bet is to use the space behind and around the fireplace as an accent wall. You can paint this area any shade you'd like, as long as it stands out from the rest of the room's walls. Patterned wallpaper or bare stone are other great accent wall options.

2. Incorporate art pieces
Hanging a beautiful and striking piece of abstract, impressionist or expressionist artwork above the fireplace is a great way to enhance your decor.

3. Add candles
The glow of a lit candle perfectly complements that of a roaring fireplace. If you're a fan of fragrance, choose some beautifully scented pillar candles to place atop your mantel to create a welcoming atmosphere in your living room.

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