Want to be Clutter Free in 2023?

By: Tidy Up Organizers | Published 01/23/2023

Create a drop zone for frequently-used items

Want to be Clutter Free in 2023?

Have you ever spent time searching for an important piece of paper, a tool you need for a repair, or a set of keys? Or have you ever purchased an item then later found you already owned that same item?

Disorganization can cost time and money, but here are five simple steps that can help control the clutter.

Catch clutter at the door: Have a drop zone at the door for sunglasses, phone, wallet, and change. Hooks and baskets can provide a place for jackets, backpacks, and shoes.

One minute rule: If it takes you less than one minute to complete it, do it now. Tasks like sorting the daily mail and loading dishes in the dishwasher as you use them can be done quickly so items don’t pile up and become overwhelming.

Spot clean as you go: While brushing your teeth, put away items and wipe down the countertop. As you walk through a room, grab items to put back in place along the way. Little tasks add up!

Keep a “to-go” box: Keep a basket or box in a closet or utility room for items you no longer need. Then when you’re ready to sell or donate, the items are ready to go. 

Periodic Purge: Once a week or month select an area to purge and organize. It could be a cabinet, kitchen drawer, or closet shelf. Big jobs broken into small chunks can eliminate the dread of organizing a whole room at once.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

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