6 Simple Steps to Maintain the Life of Your Home AC Unit

By: TCS A/C and Heating | Published 03/20/2023


The approaching summer season brings cookouts, vacations, and plenty of fun in the sun. At TCS AC & Heat, we want to ensure that, whether you’re hosting a barbecue or returning home from a family trip, your in-home temperature remains cool and comfortable. Don’t let the Conroe, Texas sun singe your summer plans. Home climate control starts with the proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit. And since your home comfort is our business at TCS, here are 6 simple steps that you can perform right now to lengthen the life of your unit.

1. Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Tune-Up
Imagine that it’s a Friday. You’ve powered through the afternoon doldrums and head home from work. Pulling into the driveway, you’re already thinking about what chilled drink you’ll grab from the refrigerator. But when you unlock the door, the thick, scorching air engulfs you like hot grease.

The AC unit has gone haywire and decided to end its terms of service for your home—just as you were headed for a relaxing weekend. Now, you find yourself dialing TCS AC & Heat, scheduling a free consultation and researching our package deals for a new unit.

But instead of sinking emergency money from your savings account into a new unit, why not avoid this unpleasant possibility by scheduling a maintenance tune-up with us? Our 21-point tune-up diagnoses any potential hazards—leaking ducts, a damaged compressor, or low refrigerant—and ensures your unit remains in optimal working order.

Most homeowners in Texas run their AC system more than 3,200 hours seasonally. Heavy usage means your unit will require professional maintenance, and we suggest two tune-ups per year. Before summer burns a trail through your calendar, schedule a maintenance tune-up with us so you don’t arrive home or wake up in the middle night to an unexpected air conditioning meltdown.

Preventative measures safeguard against emergency expenditures, and our maintenance tune-ups seal your home comfort while keeping your wallet full.

2. Clean (or replace) Your Air Filters
Congested filters full of dust, debris, and yes, even pet hair, decreases the unit’s efficiency. Decreased efficiency means the unit must exert more energy to cool your home, which drives up energy costs. We recommend you change your filters each month.

You don’t want you’re AC unit experiencing shortness of breath due to dirty filters. Plus, the Department of Energy has found that clean filters can curb your unit’s energy consumption anywhere from 5% to 15%.

3. Don’t Crowd the Outdoor Unit
Your outside compressor and condenser need personal space to perform their job effectively. Make sure to trim any bushes or shrubs around the unit. Just as with dirty air filters, your outdoor unit can’t function if it’s choked with leaves, stems, and debris.

Clip any low hanging branches from nearby trees, and mow the surrounding grass. In this case, diligent lawn care also means a lower energy bill and a more effective unit!

4. Calibrate your Thermostat
Your thermostat manages the quantity of cool air that’s allocated throughout the home. If it’s not reading the right temperature, then your unit will receive faulty instructions, unnecessarily enlarging energy consumption.

Check that it has fresh batteries and is out of the sun’s direct rays (which can cause incorrect temperature readings). For recalibrating your thermostat, consult its instruction manual to program the precise settings.

5. Don’t Obstruct Your Vents


Keep them open and unimpeded, because vents are there to maintain the balance of air pressure in your home as the air travels from high to low pressure. Supply vents deliver the cool air into your home area, while return vents draw air back to your unit.

Blocking either the supply or return vents will cause pressure build ups and can create perforations in your ducts, causing leaks.

Keep the avenues open in front of the vents, and fresh air will be in continual supply.

6. Replace an Expiring Unit
Father Time catches up with even the most faithful units, and after years of consistent service, it might be time for a new installation. But how do you know when it’s time?

Many AC unit breakdowns can be repaired (and AC repair is one of our specialties here at TCS!). Yet if your unit experiences frequent breakdowns or has crossed the 8-10 year mark in operation, then it’s likely time to consider researching price points for a new unit. Frequent breakdowns come with costly repairs, and a new unit will benefit your finances in the long run. Homeowners who schedule maintenance tune-ups will have a better feel for the life of their unit when they consult with an HVAC technician.

As technology has improved, so also has the efficiency of current AC models, which means a new installation can spare you from financial worries.

Do you live in the Conroe, Texas area and are thinking that the time is now for repairing or replacing your AC unit? Contact us today for a free estimate or visit us online to research the quality models we offer.

As summer draws closer, complete these easy steps to guarantee a refreshing, immaculate climate in your home, even as the temperature boils.

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