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By: Woodlands Online | Published 08/17/2015


Here at Woodlands Online, our upmost concern is the safety of our users. It has come to our attention that there have been multiple claims of spammers contacting registered users who are posting to the classifieds and jobs sections. To keep this a safe community site for all residents of The Woodlands to enjoy, we remind you of a few tips to keep in mind when utilizing Woodlands Online.

  • When posting a classified or resume, WOL doesn't recommend listing your phone number This increases the chances of a spammer getting in contact with you
  • When using Classifieds, only deal with local residents
  • Never wire funds
  • Never give out financial information
  • Most likely if you are contacted in the middle of the night about your posting, there is a very good chance that it is spam
  • If someone contacts you regarding your posting and does not use proper English, this is a sign of spam
  • If the buyer is willing to send you a Cashier's Check that is worth more than the actual cost of the item, with shipping agent or shipping instructions, this is a sign of spam
  • Please keep these tips in mind when posting to the site in order to maintain a safe environment for all of our users.

Thank you!



Woodlands Online Staff

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