Your Home and Automated Lighting: 7 Things to Consider

By: Lighthouse Technologies | Published 09/05/2018


You know, it's pretty cool to be able to control all of the lighting in your home from something as handy as your Smartphone.

As cool as that is, there are many other reasons why you might want to have automated lighting in your home or office too!

Here are seven points (some of which, you may not have considered) about having an automated lighting solution installed.

1. Security
Part of the reason homes get broken into is because they look like easy targets.  Would-be intruders most often prefer to visit when they know no one is home.  A tell-tale sign of no one being home is when there are no lights on, or when the same light is on, in the same room, at the same time, every night.  By adding an automated lighting solution to your home, different lights can turn on at different times automatically, or manually controlling the lights (from anywhere you can access the Internet), can be an amazing way to tell burglars to look elsewhere.

2. Aesthetics
With automated and easily controllable lighting, you can put lots of lights on a keypad, or have no switches at all. It can make the walls in your house look much cleaner and easier to use as well.

3. Control
In addition to actual wall switches, you can have access to turn lights on or off, or dim them to any level, from almost any device that is connected to the internet.

4. Energy and money savings
If you are only using 50%, or 25%, of a lighting's capability (by being able to set the dimming level) you are consuming that much less electricity, thereby saving energy and money. Also, most automated lighting is LED-based, which consumes 1/10 to 1/100 the amount of electricity of standard bulbs.

5. Less waste
As mentioned above, most automated lighting uses LEDs, which last 8 to 10 times longer then fluorescent or incandescent lighting.  That's the physical waste that gets generated 8-10x slower with LEDs.  You'll also waste less energy, by easily turning off lights in any room that is empty (even if you're away from your house).

6. Simplicity
Because you can set up automation scenes, you can have buttons that control some of the lights on a floor, some (or all) of the lights in a room, all of the lights in your house, all the lights outside, just the garage front lights, etc.
Automated lights are infinitely configurable.

7. Automated Voice Control
Voice control can give you an easy way to turn on and off lights, even if your phone or computer is out of reach. Simply saying a voice command like “Hey Alexa — Goodnight!”, or "Hey Google - Good Morning!" can be connected to your lighting, and automatically adjust your lights to your preferences.

There are many more considerations when it comes to setting up lighting, security, and the best technology for your home or office.

And here at Lighthouse Technologies, we provide much more than just automated lighting. 

(Although automated lighting is one of our favorite things to set up for homeowners and businesses, because It's really fun for us to be able to give you exactly what you want, in a very easy to use application.)

Please let us know how we can be of service for you, for any of your home or office technology needs.

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