Children's Learning Adventure is Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom


Children's Learning Adventure encourages families to get involved in their child’s education by providing learning materials and hosting monthly events which include activities and information for the entire family. By implementing the proper tools and materials in their daycare center, they are also encouraging families to take learning initiatives outside the classroom. This creates an opportunity for families to interact and engage in the children’s learning environment and build relationships with teachers, friends, and other families.
In addition to hosting monthly events, Children's Learning Adventure has also created weekly field reports to provide activities for parents to complete with their child at home. This helps the children become more familiar with learning initiatives beyond their typical classroom setting. CEO Rick Sodja explains “A child’s education should not end once they leave their childcare center, by bringing this outside of the classroom they are able to gain an appreciation for learning at all times, in various settings.” The field reports contain activities specially designed to promote healthy brain development and to continue the learning at home.
Educational growth needs to be encouraged both inside and outside the classroom and Children’s Learning Adventure has discovered that it starts with the parents. To track student engagement and improvement, teachers at Children’s Learning Adventure update developmental milestones monthly to track each student’s progress in achieving milestones in cognitive, social, motor, language, and self-help skills. They use developmental observation checklists to provide parents with, twice a year.
Teachers also take daily notes to provide parents with information regarding their child’s daily care routines such as; meals, diapering, and nap time. In addition, they write personal notes regarding the learning activities and the child’s individual accomplishments of the day. This helps every parent stay up to date and informed on their child’s progress in school.
A child’s ability to apply the skills and ideas they are learning in the classroom to their everyday lives is essential in their educational growth, especially once they transition to elementary school. Transitioning from an early learning program to elementary school can be intimidating and stressful for both children and parents. Making this shift is a big step and can set the tone and direction for academic achievement. Children's Learning Adventure teaches foundational social and educational skills and positive learning experiences to help children navigate the transition to a new learning environment while adjusting to a larger school setting with a new group of peers.
Children’s Learning Adventure-The Woodlands is holding an open house Saturday, December 8th. To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure, and to sign up for the upcoming open house, please visit

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