Adults Night Out in Houston with Caviar and Cocktails

By: John Daugherty, Realtors | Published 03/17/2019


Sometimes the best kind of night out means breaking outside the mold. Like most adults, you’re probably more familiar with the idea of caviar than you are with caviar itself. No worries, we’ve got you covered for your first official adults night out in Houston with caviar and cocktails.

A Few Quick Tips Before Diving into Where to Visit

  • Caviar is a delicacy that pairs best with drier wines and champagnes. Likewise, any cocktail which is light and crisp will also work, since acidity offsets the fattiness of the caviar.
  • If you ever can’t decide on a cocktail or wine and are put on the spot, it’s still respectable to be served a bottle of Stella Artois alongside any high-end caviar.
  • Same goes for Hoegaarden—pronounced Who-Garden—a white Belgian ale which is less cloudy than other wheat beers and pairs excellently with saltier, more pungent flavors.
  • Safety always comes first. If you’re a non-drinker or are the designated driver, lemonade or cucumber-infused water both pair well with caviar too.


Caviar Deviled Eggs at Brasserie 19 in River Oaks

Pair with a Moscow Mule

Photo credit: Brasserie19

A stop at Brasserie 19 means you’re dining inside a River Oaks gem. If you’re new to the whole idea of eating fish eggs, deviled eggs topped with a little bit of caviar make for a fantastic initiation.

Since you aren’t getting too daring just yet, pair your starter with a Moscow Mule. This cocktail’s mix of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice provides the bite that will kick the hors d’oeuvre up a notch.

Plus, if the caviar deviled eggs ignite your appetite for more, Brasserie 19 does offer a selection of American white sturgeon served with toasted blinis & créme fraiche.




Truffle and Caviar Pierogies at Riel in Montrose

Pair with a glass of Chenin Blanc

Photo credit: Riel

Imagine warm pastries smothered in a rich cream sauce topped with brined caviar eggs. Visualizing the dish now? Yep, the truffle and caviar pierogies are exactly what you pictured, a creative appetizer exclusively served up at Riel in Montrose.

For the drink pairing at this swank, cozy establishment, we recommend ordering a nice Chenin Blanc by the glass. If you don’t like white wine too dry or too sweet, this grape will provide a nice balance, still acidic enough to cut the impact of the fatty caviar flavor while simultaneously bringing out the richness of the dish.


Osetra Caviar at Masraff’s in Uptown

Pair with a Pimm’s Cup

Not far from the Galleria, Masraff’s in Uptown is classy, upscale dining at its finest without being the least bit stuffy. There’s arguably no better place to order 1oz of Osetra Caviar with traditional accompaniments. Beware though, this dish will set you back $150, which is pretty standard for an ounce of prized caviar at a high-end restaurant.

For those who’ve never had their palate cooled with a refreshing Pimm’s Cup, the cocktail consists of clear soda with cucumber, citrus, and mint to enhance the gin-based liqueur’s flavor. One of the finest restaurants and cocktail lounges in the city is the perfect place to order this dignified drink, a classic go-to for men and women everywhere.


Caviar Roll at Izakaya Wa in Memorial

Pair with Peach Sparkling Saké

Photo credit: J.C.

Located on Memorial Drive right off Beltway 8, sushi lovers across H-town will no doubt recognize the name Izakaya Wa. Their Caviar Roll is a basic sushi roll filled with salmon and avocado, yet it takes a unique turn when their master sushi chefs top every piece with tobiko.

These flying fish eggs arrive in a bright mixture of red, green, orange, and yellow, costing only $12.50 for the entire set of eight heavenly pieces. Do it right by pairing the Caviar Roll with this sushi bar’s equally popular peach sparkling saké. The sweet briskness of the rice wine is guaranteed to balance out the mildly smoky texture of the roe.


Caviar of Your Choice at Home in [Wherever You Live]

Pair with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Photo credit: Brasserie 19

Technically, there’s no rule that says a great night out can’t actually be a night in. Drop the kids at your parents for an evening, run by your local gourmet purveyor, fire up that strand of café lights hanging over your back porch, and uncork a bottle of dry champagne, knowing you and your loved one won’t have to drive anywhere.

Whatever kind of malossol fish eggs you end up choosing, simply promise to serve your caviar with a plastic spoon so as not to expose the eggs to stainless steel or metal. If you pick up your caviar at a fine spirits store, there will most likely be a package of caviar spoons nearby.

Splurge a little and pair your caviar with a silky bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label—pronounced Verve Klee Koh. Found at most grocery stores, this esteemed champagne will cost you less than half of what it would in a restaurant, freeing up budget for the better caviar.

With so many great options in Houston, there’s no need to settle on just one spot. Go ahead, share a cocktail and an appetizer at each of these restaurants, then move on to the next one and keep your blood flowing. Visit one, two, or heck, Uber to all of them. Treat yourself on this adults night out!

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