Concert Review: Dennis Quaid and the Sharks

By: Woodlands Online | Published 04/01/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Friday, March 29 Dennis Quaid took the stage with his band The Sharks at Dosey Doe’s The Big Barn. All in attendance eagerly awaited this performance from such a well-known actor.

The band captivated the audience during the entire show, without even stopping for an intermission. The energy with which Quaid took the stage held for the complete performance. Amazing Americana music coupled with humor, liveliness and, of course, the tasty food from Dosey Doe made for one fun night.

If anyone thought Quaid’s talent for putting on a music performance would pale next to his acting career, they were in for a surprise. The skill of stepping into different roles followed him onstage during the show. Quaid’s performance of songs from Jerry Lee Lewis and The Doors reflected the musician’s ability to play the part, revealing the original performers' concepts with Dennis Quaid and the Sharks flair thrown in.

Johnny Cash’s song “Walk the Line” couldn’t have been much more precisely executed. Quaid’s rendition of this and other covers, such as “Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On,” created an experience full of richness and diversity.

Though playing guitar may be what Quaid is most known for, the keyboard became his instrument in several songs including “Great Balls of Fire.” Since playing "The Killer" in a 1989 biopic, Quaid has much firsthand experience performing this song. That fact was clear to all on Friday night.

In addition to some covers, the musicians presented many of their originals found on their recently released album “Out of the Box.” Before he soulfully sang the song “Good Man, Bad Boy,” Quaid revealed the song was written about himself.

Quaid told of the band’s dream to have their song “You’re So Fine” used by Pixar in a future film. The song fits the upbeat and catchy nature found in many other Pixar films. Before playing the song “Peaches No. 9,” Quaid laughed as he told the crowd it’s a fictional, true story.

Heads bopped, hands clapped, feet were set into motion throughout The Big Barn. Those in attendance delighted at having requests for their favorite songs accepted. After the standard encore call, the band returned with an encore performance of a song Quaid said was written for his mother.

Quaid had told Woodlands Online, “We're gonna be the oldest guys to make it in rock and roll.” Their performance was evidence they are on their way. Residents of The Woodlands hope Dennis Quaid and the Sharks return for another stellar concert event.

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