Tear Types


It is important to pay attention to our eyes and eye health. Tears are not always a crying matter. Need to keep your eye healthy and moist? There is a tear for that. Have something in your eye? There is a tear for that too. And crying? A completely different tear. The makeup of each tear is about the same, but there are different reasons as to why they develop. 


Basal Tears – these tears keep your cornea constantly wet and nourished. They are continuously released in tiny amounts and serve to lubricate the eye and help keep it clear of dust. Basal tears also fight against bacterial infections as a part of the immune system. 


Emotional Tears – the name says it all. These tears appear when we feel sad, stressed, overly joyful and any other extreme emotion, positive or negative. They also carry more protein-based hormones than any other tear.  


Reflex Tears – also known as irritant tears which form in response to pain and to flush foreign particles out of the eye. These contain more healing properties than the other tears. Ever chop an onion with tears streaming down your face? They are just reflex tears. 


As we age, our body produces fewer tears and we become more susceptible to chronic dry eye. Less lubrication can cause symptoms such as constant blinking, a gritty or stinging feeling and blood shot eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms make an appointment with Woodlands Eye Associates. We can help manage these symptoms. 


Dry eye, along with any other eye health related concern can be treated by Drs. Kaufman, Wright, Brown or Graham. Call for an appointment at either of our convenient locations in The Woodlands:  Panther Creek 281-367-5335and Medical Plaza Drive 281-367-2020 or visit us at https://www.woodlandseye.com








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