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By: Stewart Land Designs | Published 05/14/2019



When starting your search for a landscape company to work with one of the first things to consider is reputation. A few important questions to ask are: How many years have you been in business? Have you ever operated under an alternate company name? What about degrees, licenses or affiliations? Asking these important questions will also guide you in understanding more about the history and make-up of the company. Many companies offer customer testimonials or reviews. Some companies will even give a list of referrals for project reference. If you are able to speak to a happy client or see completed projects you are on the right track.

The Right Tools

Working with a company who can help you achieve all of your outdoor living needs is important to the final outcome of your project. Look for a company that can offer expertise in all areas of outdoor living. Whether you are considering a backyard paradise complete with swimming pool, cabana and outdoor kitchen or looking to add value by lush plantings and serene water features, partnering with a company that is knowledgeable in all things outdoors will greatly affect the outcome on the final look and feel of your space. Make sure this company employs individuals who are trained and educated all areas and who are attuned to trends and latest product offerings. It’s important to work with a company who not only has a vision for the aesthetics and design, but also understands important critical functions such as drainage, grading, and irrigation integration.


Someone once said “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”. This definitely rings true in the landscape arena. Everyone has seen the mind-blowing before and after pics of landscapes created from a blank canvas of nothing into a masterful, jaw-dropping outdoor living space. These types of transformations come through vision. Homeowners almost always have an idea of what they envision the space to be or accomplish, but hiring a designer who can take those ideas, add the flare and functionality needed through the design process is the icing on the cake. Make sure to look for creative individuals who operate with a passion for designing, not simply creating “cookie-cutter” spaces by using pre-designed templates. Remember, your space is unique to you and your lifestyle and what works for your neighbor or friend may not necessarily work for you. Designing the landscape correctly is just as important as the installation of the landscape. Working with a company who will educate and engage with the client to help create the final project is an important step in the hiring process. An accomplished landscape designer or contractor considers the palette or space at hand and incorporates functionality of space and features which are pleasing to the design by marrying the indoors with the outdoors to create an uninterrupted flow of living space.


Finally, when hiring a landscape company to work with consider what options are available for care and management of your landscape. Whether you plan to invest a little of a lot into your landscape improvements be certain to understand the scope of warranty provided as well as guidance on proper ways to preserve and protect your investment. Most companies will offer a written warranty with expectations and representations included. These are important items to clarify prior to hiring a company to install a project for you. In order to protect your investment inquire as to what type of management options or guides will be given to you upon completion of the project. When it comes to making a decision on a landscape company remember this: it’s more than just landscaping. Take time to research and interview companies, get to know their staff and make a visit to their facilities. By considering these few simple tips you can make an informed decision which will make your landscape project process an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

We'd love to discuss your project and how we can work together to bring this dream a reality for you.  

The Stewart Land Designs Team

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