A Dog’s Life

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 05/15/2019


I have actually never been much of a dog person – so why, after 30 years of not having a dog, did I decide that I really needed one? Well, as you can see from his photo, his cuteness was certainly a factor. I stumbled upon his “glamour shot” that his breeder had put on the internet and just knew that cute little guy was destined to come live with me. If I could only convince my husband! Although let’s be honest, I knew I was going to get the dog whether or not my husband agreed, so I decided to commit and then leave it to the dog to make friends with Bob. We collected Alfi, who was even cuter in person, and before we brought him through the front door, he had us both hooked. Alfi is a cavapoo, which is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, and a sweeter nature I have never seen in a dog. He is so smart and so eager to please, and of course we spoil him entirely. My children joke that we let Alfi get away with a lot more than we did any of them, and of course they have a point. He lounges all over the furniture, he spends hours at a time in our laps while we work on our computers, and he even has the privilege of sleeping in our bed, something none of the children have been allowed to do! ....... to continue reading please go to


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