Why Summer Eye Exams are Crucial for Children


Say good bye to homework, tests and long days indoors, school is out for summer! There might be one more exam to complete the school year – your child’s annual comprehensive eye exam. 

Good vision is crucial for academic success. Even the smallest of vision impairments can result in big problems in school. 


Many times, children will compensate, unintentionally for their vision problems. This can cause more damage in the long run. This is why a full comprehensive exam is imperative once a year! Summer can be a more flexible time for most families and not having to schedule around school, extracurricular activities and traffic makes it easier to make an eye appointment. 


More importantly, if your child struggled in the previous academic school year, an eye exam at Woodlands Eye Associates, finding the right solution will prepare your child for next school year. If contacts or eye glasses are prescribed, summer will allow them to adjust to a new prescription. Improvements to a child’s vision will allow them to hit the ground running for the next school year. 


Remember, each new school year brings on more challenges. Subjects become more difficult, and, if your child’s vision problems aren’t addressed, they can struggle and fall behind. Summer appointments fill quickly so you won’t want to wait. 


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