How to Throw a Great Housewarming Party


If you’ve recently closed on a new home, congratulations! You might be thinking about throwing a fabulous housewarming party. Don’t let the stress of moving and unpacking hinder your efforts – hosting a party is easy with these tips!


Give yourself some time
Don’t schedule a party for a week – or even a month – after you move in. Take enough time to get your house set up the way you want so you’ll feel excited to show off your work. You’ll be focused on unpacking, hanging artwork, doing minor projects, and the last thing you want to worry about is inviting all your friends and family over!


Keep the food simple
You don’t have to stress about serving up a gourmet meal. Keep it easy with appetizers and small bites, as this approach will enable you to mingle and enjoy your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen all night. You could also have a housewarming potluck, which is a budget-friendly and easy way to get your guests involved. You could also get creative and host a theme party, where you ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert.


Save money with cost-cutting options
You might be tempted to buy plastic silverware and plates, but you could save the money and put it towards other items for the party. Since you’ll only get a single use out of these, it makes sense to use the dishes you have (even if it takes a little extra time to wash them!). Since your home is the focus of the party, you can also save money on decorations. No need to dress up your brand-new home – everyone is already excited to see it!


Meet the neighbors
A housewarming party could be a great opportunity to socialize with your neighbors! Drop by with an invitation a few weeks before the party and get to know your community. You could invite your immediate neighbors, not the whole block, to start off on the right foot with the people who live around you. If you want to keep the party to just friends and family, you could suggest a separate neighborhood block party to your neighbors to give you a chance to meet them.


Create a perfect playlist
With so many streaming services today, it’s easy to create a great playlist or use one that someone else created. Mix it up with new and old music to appeal to all your guests. Music sets the tone for an event, so consider what type of mood you want your housewarming party to have!


Devise a tour strategy
Do you want to take everyone on a grand tour all at once? Or would you rather take individual people on a tour of your home when they ask? It’s up to you, of course, but it helps to know what your plan is before the party starts since everyone will ask. If you have rooms that aren’t quite ready for public viewing, keep the door shut and let everyone know you’re still unpacking.


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