Summer Foods That Can Harm Your Smile


Summer is officially here, and the team at our pediatric dental office in Spring is ready to soak up the sun and enjoy those long summer nights with family and friends. Besides sunshine and warm days, summer also tends to come with picnics, weddings, and other events packed with yummy foods. From hot dogs and BBQ to corn and fresh fruits, summer foods are meant to be enjoyed. But some of these delicious treats aren’t so great for smiles. 

Corn on the Cob
This traditional summer favorite is packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber. However, corn on the cob can is one of those foods that can easily get stuck in between teeth. This means you and your kids should floss and drink water after eating it to help remove any food particles that may be lingering around before they have a chance to cause problems. 

Condiments are often overlooked when it comes to considering them as part of your meal. But these add-ons can be loaded with sugar or acid which can wear away enamel and leave teeth at risk for decay. Try to get kids to use the following condiments sparingly:

Salad Dressing – believe it or not, salad dressing can contain one teaspoon of sugar in EACH tablespoon.

BBQ Sauce – two tablespoons of BBQ sauce can have as much as 3 teaspoons of sugar.

Ketchup – also has one teaspoon of sugar in every tablespoon. Just think about how much ketchup your kids use on their food!

Summer is hot, which means we may be thirstier than normal and therefore, drink more. Ideally, we should hydrate ourselves with lots of water, but soda is often a staple at many summer events. Do your best to serve and enjoy these sugary drinks in moderation… they are loaded with sugar and acid. If little teeth are exposed to these ingredients too much or too often, they are more likely to decay and get cavities. Additionally, drinking soda without a straw can essentially coat teeth in the sugary liquid, which again puts those teeth at greater risk. 

As summer gets underway, do your best to choose healthy foods such as vegetables, chicken, and cheese to protect your family’s smiles. And of course, always make sure to make appointments for your kiddos to see your pediatric dentist in Spring every six months. 

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