Midyear Resolution Check-In

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 07/26/2019


After my last blog about the family Bible study, my daughter, who taught the class, wanted to write her basis for getting us all involved. She was a champion putting up with all of us! -Beth By Rory Sewell In January, even creeping into February, there are probably more gym memberships, juice fasts, and healthy meal delivery services sold than any other time of year. Why? New Year’s resolutions, of course. As a new year begins, we all resolve to be better. And we can usually stick with it for a while, but what happens to those resolutions by the time July rolls around? You may recall from an earlier blog that our family did the “one-word” challenge this year rather than ordinary resolutions. Each of us chose a word that would be symbolic for us in 2019. I chose the word “intentional.” I figured I’d have some explaining to do about that word, but nobody questioned it. Here’s the answer to the unasked question… my goal for the year was to be intentional about sharing my faith with the people closest to me. I’m a teacher in children’s church, and I’ve been the Children & Youth Director for the Greater Lake Travis Community Bible Study (CBS) class for the past 3 years. In those roles, I routinely teach Bible lessons and share my faith with other people’s children. But I started to worry that I wasn’t really bringing that home. I mean, my husband and I take our children to church every week, they volunteer with me in children’s church, and they know I’m a Bible teacher. But I don’t necessarily have intentional faith conversations with them. And I definitely don’t have those conversations with my parents and siblings. Our family is funny and sarcastic and hilariously inappropriate, and I guess I worried that injecting faith into the conversation would spoil all of that. Even so, I was sort of haunted by a question posed years ago by magician Penn Jillette, who asked, “How much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?” Yikes. So I chose the word “intentional” and decided to finally start telling everybody what I believe...... to continue reading please go to https://ferester.com/midyear-resolution-check-in/

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