Mood lighting is a real thing.

By: Lighthouse Technologies | Published 09/06/2019


Field studies have shown, in office settings, that blue-enriched lighting, over the course of several weeks, can lead to improved alertness, performance, and sleep quality in comparison to lighting with a lower color temperature.

Also interesting to note, A study with ninety-six subjects, ages ranging from 18 to 55, were examined on how a variety of lighting could impact mood and cognition.

Women in the study showed higher problem-solving abilities in a warm vs cool white light source.

Men had the exact opposite result. Fascinating stuff really.

We have a variety of lighting installation options for your home or business, and would love to discuss further with you to find out how we can get the exact right lighting solution for your space, especially as the summer starts to wind down and the days will start getting shorter again.

Take a look, and/or give us a shout!

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