Montgomery County Food Bank in Urgent Need of Donations after Imelda

By: Woodlands Online | Published 09/27/2019


UPDATE: Allison Hulett returned for a second interview during the Oak Ridge vs. Klein Forest football game on Friday, September 27. "Our residents in East County are experiencing flooding, or worse, re-flooding. What we keep hearing is 'Wow, this food is great, because it allows us to spend our money in the places that we really need to, which is, unfortunately, fixing our homes, vehicles and getting our lives back in order,'" Hulett stated. The Montgomery County Food Bank's mission to feed the needy does not end when the disaster cleanup is finished. Hulett went on to state "There's about 73,000 individuals in Montgomery County in non-disaster times that are food insecure."

If you'd like to donate to the Montgomery County Food Bank, please see the link at the bottom of this story. 

Watch the second interview here! 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - Woodlands Online was proud to be able to interview Allison Hulett, President & CEO of the Montgomery County Food Bank, during halftime at yesterday's football game between Caney Creek and College Station. 

Due the widespread flooding that Imelda caused across Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Food Bank has been in over-drive, partnering with over 70 agencies in distributing food to the most devastated areas. 

"The public can help with additional distribution," Hulett said. "For example, New Beginnings Church usually does a monthly distribution. Due to the disaster, the're going to do eight distributions per month. The additional cost to the Montgomery County Food Bank will be $100,000 this year."

If you'd like to assist the food bank in their mission to serve the needs of the community, please click here to make a donation.

Watch the full interview here!

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