What’s Doin’ The Bloomin’?


Pink Turk's Cap

Malvaviscus drummondii

(Our Prayer Garden Turk’s Cap is behind the fountain on the right)

This native plant is a splashy Texas favorite and loves its home in our Prayer Garden.  Turk’s Cap is actually a perennial shrub which thrives in partly-shaded heat and rewards with beauty in early fall.  Whorled blossoms in red, white or peachy-pink feed hummingbirds & butterflies, then give way to marble-sized fruit, which is enjoyed by birds and animals.  Its mature size is roughly 3’ x 3’.   It was discovered in 1833 right here in Texas by a Scottish botanist, Thomas Drummond…..so he got the naming rights.

Please come and enjoy the Prayer Garden to pray, unwind or have coffee with a friend.  It’s always changing as we add new plants (and labels), to foster a connection with the living creation that’s right here on our campus. 

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