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 I often say to people I invite to attend The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church that we are always open on Sundays!  And we are but there is so much more going on in the life of this congregation.  Here are just the most recent: Nurturing our relationship with our partners in Zambia in October; “Trunk or Treat” and the hospitality we offered to so many children and adults (estimate of 300); 32 blood donations at our most recent Blood Drive; over 100 at the October Adult Lunch; Creation Care’s recent event “The Forest Around Us;”  500 Kids’ meals that are packed monthly by adult and youth volunteers.  And let’s not forget the weekly Bible studies and Fellowship groups.  Let’s not forget our Tween and Youth ministries and the many hours of dedication given by the adults who lead them.  Let’s not forget our many musicians from the youngest to the oldest and all the time and energy it takes beyond what we hear on Sunday.  Let’s not forget all the children and parents involved in our Early Learning Program (ELP) who are impacted by the commitment of this congregation to a Christian based pre-school.  Let’s not forget the children and families impacted by All Ears! which we host on our campus.  Let’s not forget all the adults who are enrolled in “English As a Second Language” which we host on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  And let’s not forget your daily witness in your home, neighborhood, school, work place, etc.    And yes, we are also open on Sundays too!  

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