Local Business in The Woodlands Seeking Information on Stolen Equipment

By: Woodlands Online | Published 01/28/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Card My Yard The Woodlands is seeking information on stolen pieces of a yard sign that went missing on the night of Saturday, January 25. 

The sign was placed in a client's yard in Alden Bridge. The company waited to see if it was pranksters who would return the merchandise, but it has not since been returned. The missing pieces cost the locally owned family business over $200. 

The missing pieces have stickers on the back of each piece, indicating the owner. If you've seen these missing pieces or have any information, Card My Yard The Woodlands would like to hear from you. Last year,  some signs went missing but were then returned. 

The missing items are: 

  • Two (2) Turquoise Letter A's
  • One (1) Turquoise Letter L
  • One (1) Turquoise Letter N
  • One (1) Heart Eyes Emoji
  • One (1) Birthday Cake
  • One (1) Large Turquoise Glitter Heart
  • One (1) Small Glitter Star
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