TxDOT to 'Bury' Freeway; Increase Commutes by 20 MPH

By: Woodlands Online | Published 02/10/2020


HOUSTON, TX - TxDOT has big plans for Downtown Houston traffic, which could speed up commutes by 20 MPH. The plan is to merge I-45 with US-59 and send a portion of the freeway underground. 

In addition to "burying" the freeway, TxDOT also has plans for a "super freeway" on Houston's north side. The plan is for I-45 to run alongside I-10. Additional express lanes along I-10 will allow motorists to bypass traffic entering and exiting the Downtown area. 

According to TxDOT, this new configuration would decrease accidents and improve freeway speeds by 20 MPH during peak times. 

Construction for these projects are not expected to begin until 2022, but the government requires TxDOT to check several boxes before breaking ground. This includes gathering public input on social and environmental impacts of the proposed projects.


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