COVID-19 and Woodlands Test Prep

By: Woodlands Test Prep | Published 03/17/2020


Woodlands Test Prep is actively monitoring the COVID-19 crisis.  For the safety of our students and our employees, we have made the following changes.

  • We will be moving all 1 on 1 tutoring to online video chat tutoring with collaborative educational tools.
  • All classes will be moving to an online classroom with collaborative educational tools.

The Woodlands Test Prep Team is doing our part by actively following recommended safety procedures including thorough hand washing, sanitizing frequently used surfaces, and maintaining increased distances with conversation partners.  For the latest information on what you can be doing during this outbreak, visit  

In these difficult times, our community grows stronger.  During this interval, we are here to help students make the best use of their at-home phase so they are ready when normal life, and SAT and ACT dates, return.  After this is over, we will look back and be amazed at what we have accomplished together.

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