America's ER + Urgent Care is OPEN 24/7

By: America's ER Medical Center | Published 03/17/2020


Dear Community,

America's ER + Urgent Care is still OPEN 24/7/365 for all of your healthcare needs!

As we are all taking care of one another through social distancing and waiting patiently for our favorite restaurants and activities to resume we are doing our part to keep you safe as well.

As you approach our facilities you will see STOP signs at the entrances and throughout our facility. These are meant to communicate the next steps if you feel like you have symptoms of COVID-19.

We are working diligently at both locations to provide you with the best medical care whether your concern be COVID-19, kidney stones, a broken leg, your child's sore throat or relentless back pain.

Please visit our website for more COVID-19 facts and resources and come see us 24/7 for your emergency or urgent care needs.

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