What Do You Fear the Most About the Corona Virus?

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 03/25/2020


As a wife, mother, grandmother, realtor, and now a food service owner, I am concerned on every front. So what are my concerns on all these fronts? Let me lay them out in hopes of getting your feedback and ideas. As for my husband and I, we are in the more compromised groups. We are taking great care at home and out. However, with our two companies, we are trying to keep staff working and being there for the public in both venues of our businesses. Real estate is still active, with buyers looking, and sellers listing homes. We are screening those looking as to their intentions of needing a home or just thinking about it. Our sellers are on every side of the fence, some determined to get their homes on the market and want them shown, and those who are not allowing showings during this time or having us screen each and every scheduled showing and even withdrawing listings from MLS for the time being. We also have sellers supplying rubber gloves and foot covers for anyone showing their home. For our Lovebeans coffeehouse, we are staying open and just happy to get enough business to keep our young staff employed. We are taking every precaution, cleaning using disinfectants, constantly, and even offering customers rubber gloves to use while signing the point of sale machine. Our staff has been fabulous by “hanging in here” to provide our loyal customers the best coffee and foods to take out or have us deliver curbside. We are so grateful to our customers who continue to support us.... to continue reading please go to https://ferester.com/what-do-you-fear-the-most-about-the-corona-virus/

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