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Prayer from the Helipad – Week 2 Focus

So grateful for all those who joined us on the helipad and by phone this morning for prayer. What a
special way to begin each week during this time of crisis!

Each week, our prayer will offer a different focus. We will encourage you to incorporate the area of
focus in your personal prayers for the week leading up to our Monday morning prayer.
(Much of what follows is borrowed from a recent podcast from professor, researcher, author, speaker
Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW.)

For the week leading up to Monday, April 13th, we encourage you to pray about your grief and that of
your family. I know that sounds odd, but by grief, we mean the death of something; grief is not always
about the loss of life. While we may be grieving the loss of life, some of the others things we and our
families may be grieving are:

  • Physical connection
  • Loss of work
  • Loss of routine
  • Physical touch
  • Gathering for meals
  • Gathering for worship

Our kids may also be grieving:

  • Not going to school
  • Time with friends
  • Playing sports
  • Going to prom
  • Graduation
  • Band concerts

If we do not take the time to name our grief so we can feel it, it just bottles up inside and will one day
likely explode like Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke. Don’t compare your grief to that of others and
minimize it; accept that you have the right to grieve.

This week, take time by yourself, with family, with friends to prayerfully name your grief and feel it. The good news is that we are in this together; it’s not going to be forever; it will end!

Feel free to join us on the helipad for prayer each Monday at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Due restrictions, a maximum of 30 guests can be present. We encourage all other participants to join us in prayer by calling in to the conference number below. With this option, you may also call from home or in your car.

Conference Call: 1-877-568-8317 / Pin: 3376497732

Directions to helipad: Take the SWT Service Elevators (Elevators 7 & 8) to the 6th floor. Security will
escort personnel to the helipad.

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