What Will Be The New Normal?

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 04/15/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- As the world turns, and the Corona Virus continued to wreak havoc on every country, the USA swung into action to try and protect its citizens. The most logical and practical approach was to keep the virus contained, as much as possible, by self-distancing while out in public and trying to self-quarantine whenever we could. Miraculously, we listened and it now appears that it has worked, so far. At the same time, panicked citizens hoarded food, making it difficult, or impossible to find many items that are necessary to our lives. Things like milk, bread, and other day to day products flew off the shelf leaving many who came later with little, or in many cases, none of the staples they needed. The one thing that seemed to trump any other staple was toilet paper. I still marvel that toilet paper was the most important item the public needed! However, I too, have stocked up on it so that I wasn’t the one person without. Takeout food from most restaurants has become normal for customers but brings in less than half of the normal day’s receipts of the eating establishment. Employees in every field of work, took unemployment benefits which, in many cases would net them more income than if they were working. We all applied for grants/loans, etc as small business’, only to find the first wave of funds had been used and we must wait till the next wave. Most everything became virtual – music, meetings, family visits to loved ones, exercise class and, of course, schools. At Beth Ferester & Company we have our Tuesday sales meetings on Zoom, in order to stay in touch, cheer each other, and plan things we can do in order to create new ways of doing business. At the same time, we have done some uplifting projects for others and have worked hard to keep moving forward. We try to do as much virtually as possible, but tell me how I can get a haircut or a manicure virtually!!

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