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By: Sterling Total Wealth Solutions | Published 05/14/2020



What you need to know.

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Any time is a good time to be concerned about financial scams, but we have noticed a considerable increase in these types of activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of safe practices when it comes to your privacy and protecting your valuable assets.


Passwords are the lifeblood of protecting your privacy and data.  Remember not to use easily guessed passwords such as special dates, family member’s names, or the popular 1234.  Use random numbers, letters and symbols, change every 30 days, and never give your passwords out to anyone.

Many criminals are using the IRS as means to get personal information from you or even obtain your cash. Remember, the IRS will NEVER email or phone you. They prefer to use the US Postal service and send you an old-fashioned letter.

Email has now become one of the preferred methods for criminals and with all this new technology, the fake emails can seem so real.  Remember to check the email address from which the email is coming, it will alert you that the email is not actually "Amazon".  If you are hesitant, always go directly to your account online to check things out and NEVER click on a link in the email.

Your financial investments are constantly a target for cyber criminals.  All of the reminders above apply to these valuable accounts.  Remember, most firms and the custodians they employ to house your assets utilize the latest and most advanced security when it comes to your accounts.  If you ever receive an email from what looks like your financial advsior's office or from one of the custodians and you are not sure, play it safe and pick up the phone.

By following simple suggestions and just being aware that you are constantly under attack from these cyber criminals, you can protect yourself, your family, and your valuable assets.  

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