Irrigation Services-Purposeful Watering!

Published 05/26/2020

Sergio's Landscaping

Summer heat can destroy your lawn and your landscaping horticulture if not maintained through an effective irrigation system. Irrigation is the watering system to maintain growth of your lawn, trees, and plants surrounding your yard. There are several types of irrigation systems that are used-surface, drip, sprinkler, and subsurface. They vary in cost, labor intensity, and energy costs.

Surface irrigation is the least effective as it is dependent on rain, flooding the area, or hand watering. Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation as it does not drench the entire surface area but uses a system of pipes placed around the area for deep watering to prevent evaporation.

Subsurface places pipes beneath the surface to get to the root and eliminate all evaporation on the surface.

Sprinklers are the most common method of irrigation that allows focus on a specific area in a controlled environment.

Automation in irrigation systems is the best way to manage your landscape water needs efficiently.

Sergio’s Landscaping is experienced in all types of commercial and residential irrigation projects.  Your irrigation system will provide the right amount of water, at the right time, for all types of plantings, shrubs, and trees. Our systems are installed correctly to reduce your water consumption utilizing a environmentally conscience design, advanced equipment, and professional installers from licensed irrigation specialists.

Now is the time to check up on your current irrigation system for maintenance and repairs. The right system can save an average of 38% on water usage with an automated control system programmed through a web-based application. This also allows for automatic shutdown in an emergency. A weather sensitive irrigation system avoids over watering or under watering to extend the life of the plant.

Sergio Martinez, owner, is a certified landscaper, irrigation contractor, and licensed in horticulture and Past President of the Gulf Coast Houston Irrigation Association. He can assist with irrigation designs and implementation, installation, repair, backflow inspections, and set up a controller or rain sensor.

Since 2003, Sergio’s Landscaping has served both residential and commercial properties in Montgomery County and the Greater Houston Area. Other services include landscape design, lawn maintenance, and tree services. They are bonded and insured to provide the best landscape architecture and irrigation systems to enhance your outdoor living area.

Connect with their services at or call (936) 788-1219.

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