Behind the Masks

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 07/31/2020


Isn’t our first impression of someone, the expression on their face? It sure is for me as I can see a smile on a happy face or a frown on someone who isn’t very happy. Even more, I can see softness or harshness, which can indicate to me a bit of their history. Maybe everyone isn’t that influenced by a person’s expressions, but I am, and I miss seeing everyone’s face. Personally, I have tried so many ways to try and “smile” with my eyes, to the point of thinking I have “pulled” something in my eye, trying to raise them high enough to make a difference. And, since I can’t see myself, I may be making an expression of shock or pain, causing the other person to either run away in fear or call for a medic. You hear all different opinions from experts and others, as to how protective are these masks. There are so many types, from homemade ones, kerchiefs pulled up, KN95, and even the super expensive ones with vents. I have one of those that a friend had me buy and I either look like Batman or Hannibal Lector. There again, am I a good guy like Batman or a killer like Hannibal Lector. When I wear that one my eyes are always moving to achieve a “Batman image”. Some are saying we should wear the clear shields now, but I cannot imagine a world of Hazmat equipment on everyone. It would, certainly, resolve the issue of seeing someone’s expressions. However, envision a room full of people with shields on. I can’t think of anything more bizarre and frightening. It is even more depressing than seeing the store full of masks that I see continue reading please go to

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