Executive Functioning Skills Coaching Package


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Does your student lose homework frequently? Does he or she have trouble planning and prioritizing tasks in school or at home? Does your student struggle with time management? If so, he or she could have some weaknesses in their executive functioning (EF) skills.

Executive skills are an important part of daily functioning that allow us to get things done and help regulate our behavior. These critical processes are needed for students to set goals, plan their time, organize and prioritize ideas, think flexibly, self-monitor, and self- check to ensure success in school.
The Woodlands Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is offering an executive skills coaching package (5 sessions) to help prepare your student for new school year!
In the 1st session, the coach will work with student and parents to identify how specific executive  skill  weaknesses  are  undermining   the   student’s   day   to   day   academic performance and treatment goals will be set to resolve these issues. 
The 2nd-5th sessions will focus on one executive skill per week. Coaching, examples, and tips will be provided for your student for them to learn how to strengthen that EF skill.
Time Management: Learn to use time efficiently by creating to-do lists, prioritize tasks, use planners, and learn to avoid procrastination.
Organization: Learn to stay organized by creating a clean work space for homework, use a homework supply kit, color-coded folders and labels, and reminder tags for backpacks.
Homework Time: Learn to create efficiency during homework time by setting a schedule, limiting distractions, using a contract/reward system for motivation, incorporating breaks, and providing an organized area.
Goal Setting: Learn how to set short and long-term goals by using the SMART technique. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

This special 5 session package is available for a discounted rate of $500 (5 sessions for the price of 4).  To register or for more information, call 281-528- 4226.   Get your student on the right track by strengthening their executive functioning skills.

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