Re-opening Announcement from Lord of Life Lutheran Church


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Our first in-person worship will be Sunday, September 20 at 8:20 AM. We will continue to permanently offer live-stream services at 8:20, 9:45 and 11:05. You can access these via the church website, Facebook , and the Boxcast App. The live-stream services are for our members & visitors, anyone in an “elevated risk” group (age, medical condition, etc.), and for the broader community as an evangelical witness. In keeping with our mission statement "we welcome all", we hope to include those at a long distance or who are unable to attend worship physically. Online worship is available to watch any time of the week.

As we resume in-person attendance at worship, we will be focusing on safety in every decision.

Our first in-person worship will be Sunday, September 20 at 8:20am.

We will add an 11:05am worship on October 4th.

There will be procedures in place to enhance everyone’s safety. We will follow rules issued by state and local governments regarding the number of people in the building. (Subject to change without notice.)

  1. On September 20, at 8:20, we will use 25% of the sanctuary seating capacity - 94 attendees. September 27, at 8:20 also, capacity will be raised to 50% , or 175 attendees. On October 4, we will add 11:05 "Classic" worship, also at 50% capacity. Once we have these going well, we will restore the 9:45 service at 50% capacity. To do this, we may need to slightly adjust the times for all three services to disinfect the sanctuary between services. Until then, 9:45 worship will be broadcast every Sunday on Boxcast and Facebook.
  2. We will have a “reservation” system set up in Realm that can be accessed at the website the Tuesday before the Sunday worship. You may also reserve by phone. Anyone wishing to attend these services will need a confirmed reservation to enter the building. The reservations are on a space-available basis and a phone number and email address will be required before the reservation is confirmed. This is needed to “track and trace” people in the event that anyone tests positive for the virus after attending a service. Ushers will verify the reservation. When 25% or 50% is reached, no more reservations will be taken. Included in your reservation will be a link to a COVID questionnaire to be completed no sooner than 48 hours before the worship service. 
  3. The most important guideline is, “if you are not feeling well, please stay home.” This is regardless whether the symptoms are those of COVID-19. Seek medical care, call 911 if necessary
  4. Everyone seeking to enter the building will receive a no-touch temperature scan to check for fever. Entry allowed only if temperature does not exceed 100.4 F. Face masks will be required, with masks provided for anyone who does not have one.
  5. There will be nothing in the pews to touch or pass contagion. All bibles, hymnals, attendance sheets will be removed.
  6. There will be one entry and exit door for the building, both clearly marked. Also, there will be roped-off space/separated walkways.
  7. Inside the building, we will maintain the now familiar 6-foot distancing by taped markings on the floor, alternating the pews in use and taping 6-foot marks in the pews. Vacant pews will be designated with masking tape across the entry points.
  8. Offering Plates are at the doors. You can leave your offering before or after worship. No offerings will be collected by ushers. You can also make online offerings during worship on your cell phone. Instructions will be on the sanctuary screens.
  9. There will be no handshake at “Sharing of the Peace.” Until the pandemic passes, we will not be sharing the peace physically with our brothers and sisters - it is acceptable to wave or share the peace sign with others in attendance. 
  10. Single-use communion items will be provided at the front door. Regular and gluten-free wafers are available with grape juice. Communion will be self-administered or by an immediate family member in your group.
  11. Sorry, for now, no coffee service is allowed.
  12. The kitchen is closed, and there is no nursery care for children in the immediate future.
  13. If someone becomes sick during the service, they will be taken to the Conference room until transport or ambulance is called, depending on the seriousness of the person's condition.
  14. For sanitizing purposes, available restrooms are limited to the first floor by the fellowship hall - one family at a time. Please use sanitizer to clean all areas you use in the restrooms before leaving.
  15. If a member or visitor contracts COVID, we request they call church office and self-report. They then must self-quarantine for 14 days. 
  16. We have installed UV light cleansing systems in all HVAC systems in the building. UV light will kill all viruses, bacteria and molds as the air passes over the light in the systems, making the building a much safer place for all of us.

We are here for you! If you need anything, call the church office at 281-367-7016 to talk with one of our pastors or to share your prayer requests.

In the coming days and weeks, as the situation evolves and regulations change, we will provide additional updates. We pray God continues to give you a spirit of peace, increase your faith, and provide for your every need.

This information is also available at our website

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