Peace of Mind: Answers to Unexplained Neurological Symptoms


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From epilepsy to Alzheimer’s, hundreds of millions of people are affected by neurological disorders worldwide. But so often, neurological problems can go unnoticed and untreated because of how mundane the symptoms may seem. And when our mind isn’t feeling quite right, it can be difficult to find the answers we need fast. That’s why it’s important to know which unexplained symptoms to watch for before they progress.

When Should I Visit a Doctor for Common Neurological Symptoms?
Consider these crucial questions to understand when certain neurological symptoms warrant a doctor’s visit.

  1. Headaches: Are your headaches becoming more frequent, more intense, or lasting longer?
  2. Shaking: Are you experiencing a tremor in your fingers, hands, or chin while at rest?
  3. Fainting: Are you fainting more frequently, and seemingly, out of nowhere? Any loss of consciousness should be evaluated by a medical professional.
  4. Vision: Are you experiencing blurred, doubled, or a total loss of vision?
  5. Memory loss: Are you experiencing forgetfulness so much that it’s affecting your everyday life?
  6. Slurred speech: Are you having trouble speaking normally? If this is a sudden occurrence, you may be having a stroke. Call 911 if you experience any symptoms of stroke.
  7. Weakness: Are your limbs feeling weak or numb for prolonged periods of time?
  8. Confusion: Are you feeling a sense of dissociation like you may be “losing your mind?”
  9. Seizures: Have you experienced moments of unresponsiveness while conscious or a seizure?

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group primary care physician for an initial evaluation. And yes, it’s safe to visit!

If you have a known pre-existing neurological condition, learn more about how St. Luke’s Health’s nationally renowned neurology and neurosurgery team can provide some peace of mind.

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