Testosterone Therapy and Weight Loss

By: Birken Medical Aesthetics | Published 09/24/2020


Over  42% of adults  in the United States have  obesity , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Obesity has links to several chronic health conditions, including  heart disease  and  type 2 diabetes .

Recent findings suggesting that obesity may also  worsen outcomes in COVID-19  have encouraged  some governments  to create entirely new public health strategies to encourage people to lose weight.

However, obesity is a complex issue with both medical and social causes, and achieving lasting weight loss can be challenging for many people. This means researchers are looking for new strategies to help treat obesity — beyond merely cutting calories.

Data  recently presented at the virtual  European and International Congress on Obesity  support the use of testosterone therapy to treat men with obesity.

Long-term testosterone treatment reduced body weight by 20% on average.

The men who received testosterone lost on average 23 kilograms (kg) (equivalent to 20% body weight) during the study period, while those who did not receive treatment gained an average of 6 kg.

"This study validates what I have observed over the last 20 plus years prescribing testosterone therapy," Dr. Birken said. "While research was done on men, optimal testosterone levels in women can also help with weight loss by reducing visceral and subcutaneous fat and improving muscle tone. Of course, diet and exercise is essential as well."

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